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フォギーカラー/サンセットブルー(L)◆Tile Portrait(L)/Foggy Tone/SUNSET BLUE◆


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◆サイズ: 200mm☓200mm☓12mm, 重さ: 600g ◆ご注文のお手続き: ①ご注文の際に、別途下記のアドレスに画像データをお送りください。 to: [email protected] ②画像をもとに完成イメージをお作りします。お客さまにご確認いただいた上で、製作を開始いたします。ご確認後10日ほどで仕上がります。 ◆ We make hand-made tile-engraving picture frames from photo images of your memorable moments. ◆Size: 200mm☓200mm☓12mm, Weight: 600g ◆how to order: ① Send your photo image separately as you order with STORES to: [email protected] ②We return to you with a finished image of your photo. Upon your confirmation, we begin making your picture frame. It takes about two weeks to deliver. ◆If you are ordering from outside Japan, please purchase separately "International Parcel Delivery Service" at the bottom of Item list. ◆Please ask if you have questions or requests.